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Unconditional Love: Medical Alert Dog True Wingman

Medical alert dog "All of a sudden he looked over at me and barks," he recalled. "That was the only warning I had. He jumped up and pinned me against the wall and wouldn't let me hit the ground." Morey doesn't remember anything after that point, but credits situations like this where his 105-pound companion is always nearby. Before he had the dog, he could feel three to four minutes ahead of an oncoming seizure. With Baz, that time has increased to as much as 20 minutes.
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Teen changes lives with fashionable medical alert bracelets

Caroline Berg Eriksen Post-Baby Body Selfie on Instagram If you like this style, the Freedom Alert made by LogicMark is a good product that allows you to speak through the pendent. The purchase price: $300, with no ongoing monthly fees. Also check out Telemergency , which offers a variety on no-fee medical alert devices that cost under $190. Mobile Alerts If your mom is interested in a device that works outside the home too, there are several mobile products that will let her call for help anywhere. These pendent-style devices, which fit in the palm of your hand, work like little cell phones with GPS tracking capabilities. To call for help, your mom would simply push one button, and an operator from the device's emergency monitoring service would be on the line to assist her. And because of the GPS technology they would know her exact location, which is critical in emergency situations.
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Tattoos replacing medical-alert bracelets for those with diabetes, other ailments

- The first time Jimbo Carriero died, it lasted only a few minutes. "I didn't see the white lights everyone talks about, but I sure got an overwhelming feeling of total bliss," Carriero said of complications following a stent procedure after a heart attack in September 2008. "It was beautiful, just a beautiful feeling, like all my bills had been paid." So the next time, he wants to stay there. The 52-year-old owner of Body Branding Tattoo Emporium in Naples had "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed on his chest a year later. He is among a growing number of people who want a more permanent medical alert. The Canadian Medical Association Journal reported in May that medical tattooing appears to be increasing, partly because the often-pricey medical alert bracelets can be lost or broken, some people prefer tattoos, and others can't wear jewelry at work. The journal detailed tattoos for diabetes, blood types and end-of-life wishes.
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Webcast Alert: Cantel Medical Corp. Announces First Quarter and 2014 Earnings Call

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Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

"Its a big part of why I wanted to start Couture Alert. I didnt want the metal chain link bracelet I was required to wear to define me; instead I wanted to make my own statement. I am proud when I look down and see my bracelet now and I love that it causes people to stop and ask questions." She's sure that Couture Alert will not be her last fashion venture: "I love what I am doing and look forward to finding new ways to make my mark in both fashion and business." Shyanne has only just started - she wants Couture Alert to continue and grow: "I have big plans for Couture Alert and feel like Ive only just begun." Recently, when she was an exhibitor at a local craft show, four individuals approached her about their need for a medical alert bracelet - all of them chose not to wear bracelets against the advice of their doctors. In fact, one of the women had had multiple episodes that week and still chose not to wear a bracelet. At that point, Shyanne knew what she had to do. "She said some things that I could definitely relate to she hated the options out there and ultimately, chose fashion over safety. I walked away knowing that I had my work cut out for me.
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Volunteers needed to install medical alert units for at-risk older adults

Announces First Quarter and 2014 Earnings Call December 2, 2013 11:00 AM 0 shares Content preferences Done Little Falls, NJ - (ACCESSWIRE - December 2, 2013) - Cantel Medical Corp. (CMN) announces the following live Webcast, to discuss the results of the First Quarter and 2014 Earnings Call, to be held December 5, 2013 @ 11:00 AM Eastern. Listen online at If you are unable to participate during the live webcast, the call will be available for replay at or . Contact: The worst for shares of Tesla Motors Inc. should be over, Morgan Stanley says.
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Medical alert devices for seniors

medical alert device These devices are designed to provide a quick and easy way to communicate to the outside world, family members, or emergency medical professionals in the case of a threatening medical emergency, such as a fall, heart attack, or home invasion. In these times of need it is important that the wearer of the medical alert device get immediate response, and these medical devices can provide that care with a simple touch of a button. That kind of security is not only provides mental security but can prolong a seniors independence allowing the senior to remain in the family home. Most of these medical alert devices are really simplistic, and are devices composed of two major components, a home console and a pendant or small device which can be carried on the wrist or waist with an emergency button. If the wearer falls, become injured, or suffers any type of medical emergency they can press the button on their pendant. The button will send an alert to the home console which then sends a call to a customer services representative who will contact a family member or medical responder. The user can create a list of emergence contacts and set an order of importance to be contacted in the case a situation where to occur. medical alert device Range is one of the most important attributes for any user of a medical alert device to look for when shopping for a medical alert device. The range is the distance the wearer can travel away from the home console, and still have the device communication. Many of the best medical alert devices will have ranges up to 1000 feet. At this distance the wearer can safely travel about the distance of one typical city block. So the wearer can visit local friends and neighbors and still be in contact with their safety contacts and home console. Other devices have more limited ranges but most will have at least a150 foot range. The range of the device should match the mobility and life style of the intended wearer. If the wearer is still very mobile and enjoys walks and visits with neighbors they may need a longer range, for those who never leave the home or are bed ridden may not need an extended range. All home medical devices should come with an included base station. Make sure your medical alert device has this included in the package and the home console is not an additional purchase. The pendant is what the user will wear and take with them. All medical alert devices will include this device, though how that device is attached to the wearer may vary. Find out what is the most comfortable and easy way for the wearer to carry the pendant device. Some options of attachment are wristband, waistband, or necklace. Most pendants are waterproof or at least water resistant, but make sure. Time in the bathroom, shower or any exposure to wet surfaces can be very dangerous, you want to ensure that the device can be worn and will be safe if exposed to wet conditions. Make sure that the device has a battery backup included. You never want a situation where you may have loss of power to any part of the home alert device. Some units will include a wall mounted button. This option is not standard, so if that is an important aspect is to be sure to check if that is included.
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