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Seniors Get A Warning On Medical Alert Scam

scam alert One Plymouth retiree said his wife got the first call in March after going to an emergency room with a dislocated shoulder. When she got the first computerized call, she pressed one of the numbers to talk to a live person who then firmly insisted she had to accept shipment of the medical alert device because it was ordered for her. When she asked who ordered it, the person said he was not at the liberty to say who ordered it. The retiree promptly hung up when the man then asked for her address. But the Plymouth couple said the calls keep coming fairly regularly.
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Consumer alert: Medical alert scam

One other unique product worth consideration is the MediPendant which runs under $35 a month. This system allows your mom to speak and listen to the operator directly through the SOS pendant, versus the base station speaker phone, which often makes for easier communication. No-Fee Alerts If you're looking for a cheaper option, consider a no-fee medical alert device that doesn't have professional monitoring services. These products, which also come with an "SOS" button and a home base station, are pre-programmed to dial personal contacts (relatives, friends, caregivers or 911) if the SOS button is pushed. Most devices store about four phone numbers, and the system dials each number one-by-one until a connection is made. If you like this style, the Freedom Alert made by LogicMark is a good product that allows you to speak through the pendent.
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Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

The Third Metric local time. Jaime Martini Investigators spoke to a lot of people and added that some who were helpful and some who were not, said Mill Creek Sergeant Sean Conner. Police checked Martinis residence several times over the course of the night, he said. Eventually, the baby and mother were found at Martinis home, which is about a 20 minute drive from where the baby was born, he said. Both Annabelle and her mother are at a local hospital so that authorities can keep an eye on them, Conner said. He said Annabelle was in good health, but being monitored because, its a brand new baby, who spent a lot of time on the road. The two were thought to be traveling in a white 2001 BMW 330CI with Washington license AJD7417 or a 1993 dark green Lexus SC400 with license plate 871WJF.

Pros & Cons of Medical Alert

Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013 Consumer alert: Medical alert scam PITTSBURGH A phone call offering free medical alert bracelets may be too good to be true. Bill Trethewey received robo-calls from a caller claiming to be from a medical alert company 3-4 times a day for more than two months. "Oh, it's awful", said the Mount Lebanon resident. The phone recording said a relative had already paid for a medical alert system for him and his wife. "It just identified as medialert. Yeah it sounded legitimate, but the first red flag was "gifted," said Trethewey. The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about this scheme.
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Amber Alert issued after ailing newborn, mom vanish

This particular problem should be considered by the elderly or disabled person and their family before choosing one system over another. In addition, if a person is made unconscious and cannot communicate, the medical alert jewelry can alert others to their special medical problems or needs. But if you do not wear the jewelry all of the time or don't make it visible, this information can be missed. Cost If you want a medical alert bracelet or necklace to alert others of a medical condition that you suffer from, the price range can vary. Some of the cheaper pieces of jewelry start as low as $10 as of December 2009 and can be easily afforded by most people. But others range into the hundreds of dollars. For the medical alert system being used in the home that alerts medical personnel when you are injured or ill, the starting cost for many of these systems is around $30. But people with very low incomes might have some difficulty affording this monthly charge.
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