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Medical-id Bracelets From A Company With Some Personal Experience

Medical ID bracelet's?

On Monday morning, Fisher was especially charged up over a sports band made of black-and-red titanium fiber. It had just made its debut over the weekend on the company's website ( and Facebook page. "We sold over 200, which is a lot," Fisher marveled. "This is going to be crazy big." Actually, that's also an apt description for Hope Paige's growth since its founding in December 2003. In just the last 2 1/2 years - amid a field of three major U.S. competitors - its payroll has grown from five to 15 employees, and its bracelets will soon have a presence in 10,000 pharmacies, under the business name Medical ID Marketplace.
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Medical ID Bracelets: The $15 Lifesavers DS's said something like the following (it's long gone now) Asthma, G-tube, NPO, takes Prednisone and Propulsid. Allergic to Bactrim. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could fit on one bracelet. The main reason I got it was because of the meds he was on. Children on maintainance doses of oral steroids need to be handled differently in case of an emergency, and Propulsid (which is now off the market) caused pontially life-threatening drug interactions. I got Maura two of these and this one She loves the velcro ones and leaves them on all the time. She doesn't care as much for the "pretty" one, but I bought it more for me than her, lol!
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Woman makes fashionable medical ID bracelets

Learning what different foods and exercise do to my body, finding the right insulin , adjusting the dosage, making sure I always have testing supplies - all these seemingly more immediate concerns trumped it. Apparently, I'm not alone. According to the experts I consulted, most people with diabetes don't wear medical alert identification. But we're putting ourselves - and sometimes those around us - in danger by neglecting this simple purchase. The Risks Brock Ryan, a medic in the Atlanta area for 14 years who now serves as medical coordinator for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation events, has tended to many diabetic drivers after hypoglycemia -related auto accidents. Because the person was driving erratically before the accident, "I think he's drunk," are usually the first words he hears at the scene. If medical alert identification isn't obvious, emergency medical personnel are likely to attribute unconsciousness to injuries sustained in the accident or to intoxication, Ryan says. Consequently, blood sugar treatment can be critically delayed. If police pull over a person suffering hypoglycemia, the consequences can be dire as well.

New medical ID bracelets 'confuse' medics

When we first started this company, we had no employees and really no idea what kind of business we would have. I was really just thinking we were doing a favor for a friend," she said. The favor rapidly grew, though the early days of Lauren's Hope were fairly primitive. Carlson and some fellow stay-at-home moms worked out of her basement. But the fledgling company quickly caught a big break from a Hollywood star. "We sent some bracelets to Halle Berry, who has diabetes, and she wore our bracelets and talked about our bracelets, so we were able to get a lot of press in the early days," Carlson said. Because of the media coverage, orders poured in.
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Download Flash player here SHREVEPORT, La. Many athletes have invested in what some believed was a security blanket a RoadID bracelet. There's just one problem, first responders are unfamiliar with it. Similar to a medical bracelet, the interactive band contains critical information and a link and phone number so first responders can easily access a complete medical synopsis in case of emergency.
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