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Medical Bracelet Speaks When You Can’t

An ID that is never taken off would help medical or police personnel identify a dementia patient. It would also benefit people who lost their ability to speak and organ transplant recipients. She told the story of a man whose heart is on his right side due to a defect rather than on the left. Can you imagine a medic using a stethoscope on his chest to listen to his heartbeat and doesnt find it? the company co-owner suggested. He would be confused. If he had a medical ID bracelet, information on his heart could be read immediately. We encourage customers to consult their doctors before deciding what to have engraved on their bracelets. There are also people who had their blood type etched on the bracelet in case of emergency.
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Stylish Medical ID bracelets from Medical ID Marketplace

Happy New Year 2014: What to wear on New Year’s Eve Most of the choices are bracelets which feature a traditional ID plate with the medical symbol on the front and your personalization on the back. However, each bracelet varies in all other aspects. Some are made of stainless steel, plated with 14kt gold, and even some made from a rubbery material or rope. Medical ID Marketplace also has other options like watches, necklaces, lunch bags, car visor pouches, key chains and wallets. There are so many options to choose from whether you want a classy look or a fun, sporty look - this site definitely has something for everyone. With prices starting at just a couple of dollars, they are not only stylish for the wardrobe, but also for the wallet. When I fell in love with Medical ID Marketplace When I found out about these stylish new bracelets, I immediately thought of my nephew.
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Medical ID bracelet's?

I got Maura two of these and this one She loves the velcro ones and leaves them on all the time. She doesn't care as much for the "pretty" one, but I bought it more for me than her, lol! That velcro one is awesome!! My mom has been on me to get one for Ava. Even though she's tons more verbal now than she was even six months ago she only knows her first name (she usually spells it if you ask her hehe) but doesn't know our names, where we live, etc. Now I know young kids don't know this by default but she's also a wanderer and doesn't always talk to other people.
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Medical ID Bracelets: The $15 Lifesavers

But we're putting ourselves - and sometimes those around us - in danger by neglecting this simple purchase. The Risks Brock Ryan, a medic in the Atlanta area for 14 years who now serves as medical coordinator for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation events, has tended to many diabetic drivers after hypoglycemia -related auto accidents. Because the person was driving erratically before the accident, "I think he's drunk," are usually the first words he hears at the scene. If medical alert identification isn't obvious, emergency medical personnel are likely to attribute unconsciousness to injuries sustained in the accident or to intoxication, Ryan says. Consequently, blood sugar treatment can be critically delayed. If police pull over a person suffering hypoglycemia, the consequences can be dire as well. Police are trained to look for medical alert ID, but without it, an inarticulate, staggering, confused, and combative driver can be easily mistaken for a drunken one. Doug Fenichel, a paramedic in northwest New Jersey, saw firsthand how police treatment can change if a driver is wearing medical alert ID.

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