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Medical Alert System Prevents Senior From Experiencing A Medical Emergency

New Medical Alert System Uses GPS and Cellular Technology to Help Seniors

She wasn't sure whether she was hurt, but could not reach the phone to call for help. Maxine pressed her medical alert button, and received an instant reply from one of Rescue Alert of California's trained responders. The attendant asked Maxine right away about the nature of her emergency. Maxine did not feel she needed emergency medical attention, so she asked the attendant to call her son. Her son was called and came to help her up. Even though the situation did not pose an immediate medical risk to Maxine, she was grateful that in her helpless state, Rescue Alert of California was able to help her receive the help she needed before the situation became an emergency. It's comforting, Maxine states in the video, to know that Rescue Alert of California is there, and I can call them at any time that I need them. Although a fall such as Maxine's may not cause immediate injury, many seniors who fall cannot get back up again due to mobility problems, and the chance of complications and negative health effects from falls increase the longer a senior is immobile after a fall.
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All we need from you is permission to ship it to you, the Napa County District Attorneys Office reported. These calls are not affiliated with a legitimate medical alert company, the DAs office said. The scammers attempt to get your credit or debit card number and may even ask for your Medicare and Social Security number. If you give this information, you will find a monthly charge of $35 which was supposed to be a free medical alert system. To beat the scammers, the DAs office recommended: Never provide personal information to an unknown caller. Never respond to a robocall from an unknown company. Dont press a key to talk to a person.
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Scammers use medic alert system to swindle seniors

Adobe Lumber & Decking Center The system is designed to provide 24/7 assistance with a simple touch of a button. Whether the senior suffers from an at-risk medical condition, spends time alone, or would just like the added security of quick access to help, a medical alert system provides the perfect solution. Utilizing a personal medical alert system is an extremely wise decision and the most affordable solution to ensuring a secure safety net. As the normal aging process occurs seniors become more at-risk to fall or suffer from various medical concerns that make it dangerous for them to be left alone. Fortunately, the Best Medical Alert pendant acts as a constant companion to the senior. Pendants are lightweight and can be worn as a wristband or around the neck.
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BBB: Medical Alert Scam Targets Seniors

Life Alert, the California firm that advertises Ive fallen and I cant get up, has sued two businesses that used names similar to its brand in robo-call marketing schemes. Life Alert also has posted a warning about the scammers on its website . The company says it does not employ telemarketers to make cold calls to potential customers. These calls are not made by Life Alert, the company says on its website. All of these are telemarketing scammers trying to mislead and defraud consumers by using our trademarked name so they can get your address, credit card number and bank information to charge you. The BBB warns consumers to beware of the following red flags: Free offers: Be wary of free offers that require you to pay a handling charge or other fees.
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Best Medical Alert Helps Ensure Every Senior Can Afford a Medical Alert System With an Unbeatable New Year Promotion

As a solution, a Florida-based healthcare technology company has announced the launch of a new patent-pending, cellular and GPS-enabled mobile personal emergency response system (M-PERS) for seniors and those with special medical needs. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Medical Mobile Monitoring has launched MobileHelp, offering 24/7 medical and emergency monitoring services with real-time notification capabilities through the use of a GPS and cellular-enabled help button. When subscribers need help, they simply press their help button and are connected via two-way voice to a central monitoring station that is live 24/7/365. By years end, the new technology will also allow family members to see the location of their loved ones over the Web and be notified via mobile phone and email. MobileHelp addresses many of the limitations that exist with traditional medical alert systems currently on the market, namely the problem of the current technology only working in the home, said Elias Janetis, founder and CEO of Medical Mobile Monitoring. Statistics show that 40% of fall-related injuries happen outside the home and only MobileHelp will have someone covered in these instances. With our system, individuals are no longer confined to their homes and will have help when and where they need it with our anywhere help button, he added. The patent-pending technology has taken nearly four years to develop and gives peace-of-mind to family members and caregivers. The product is beneficial for those who desire to live independently and need access to emergency assistance at the touch of a button, no matter their location.
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Robocall scammers use 'Life Alert' to swindle seniors

Those who have fallen for the fake pitch have been billed and paid for a service they never had and never ordered. The Better Business Bureau said some of the complaints it has received about these calls indicate the scammers are claiming to be with a legitimate insurance company or that free services come through Medicare, which is not true. In June, USA Today reported the Federal Trade Commission took action in March against a company called Instant Response Systems, based on charges of violating telemarketing rules and violations of the unordered merchandise statute. Instant Response Systems is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and also does business as Medical Alert Services. The FTC said in that case telemarketers would claim the monitoring is free but consumers would have to pay $817 to $1,602 for the service, the USA Today report said. Payment plans were supposedly dependent on a consumers financial situation. In many cases, the FTC said, Instant Response Systems sent letters, bogus invoices and even threatened elderly consumers who did not order the product and claimed that the consumer owed money for it. In some cases, consumers were sent medical alert pendants they did not order.
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Valley senior alertly shuns medical-alert system hustle

Hugh Farrell received five of these robocalls recently. The 80-year old, who lives in Rockwall, Texas, says the pitch was mighty appealing. "It went like this," Farrell said. "We have a medic alert system for you and it's all been paid for, and all we need from you is permission to ship it to you." Farrell was suspicious, so he hung up and called his daughters. He thought maybe they had purchased a system and wanted to surprise him. They had not. When Farrell called the Better Business Bureau in Dallas, they told him the call was a scam. "This is just a way to sell you this service, a service that you may or may not want," explained Jeannette Kopko, senior vice president of communications at the Better Business Bureau of Dallas.
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